What can individuals do now towards a victory for democracy in November, 2024?

Remember that all elections are local. Beyond donating to non-local candidates and organizations or writing letters or postcards to non-local voters, what can we do?

New York will almost certainly vote for the Democratic presidential candidate. But in 2022, four New York congressional seats flipped from Blue to Red, with horrendous results. We must start now (if we haven’t already) to flip any Republican congressional seat we can. If we are still in district 19 (redistricting pending now), we must defeat Molinaro and elect the Democrat – either Josh Riley or someone else. If, after redistricting, we are in district 18, we need to protect that seat and re-elect Pat Ryan.

So what can individuals do starting NOW?

  • Make a New Year’s Resolution to take steps all year to save our democracy.
  • When you are feeling anxious about the November elections, DO something.
  • Working toward a victory is the best cure for that anxiety.
  • Some people have a lot of free time, while others have little time to spare. But our democracy demands that we spend some effort ensuring that it continues and our country thrives and progresses. So whether you can give hours each week or just an occasional burst of activity, your efforts will add to our group effort – your contribution is needed.
  • In March, gather signatures on petitions which enable our candidates to get on the November ballot.
  • Commit to hosting a meet & greet for a candidate.
  • Sign up to canvass in the fall. Then get invited to meet candidates, so when you go to the doors of voters you have tales to tell. We can do meet the candidate sessions before the heavy campaigning starts.
  • Sign up to make phone calls in the fall. Again, come and meet the candidates.
  • Send out letters to newly registered Democrats in Saugerties. All info and supplies to be provided. Approximately 15 to 30 letters per month.
  • Send out happy birthday cards to pre-registered Dem voters on their 18th birthday, A few each month.
  • Be a co-captain of postcard and letter writing. Hold a monthly? Weekly? event at Inquiring Minds. Or starting at 6:00 before our monthly SDC meeting. At bookstore could be a daytime event.
  • For those on Facebook, regularly check the Saugerties Democratic Committee Facebook page. Like, comment, and share posts. Same for Ulster County Dem page and our candidate pages.
  • Write letters to the editors of the Daily Freeman and HV 1. Call in or email the Roundtable on WAMC.
  • Send a letter to dual home owners who can potentially register to vote here, related activities.
  • Send anti-Molinaro postcards.
  • Find us affordable office space for next fall.
  • Make yourself a list of email addresses of friends and family to whom you can send occasional messages about campaigns and candidates. (No need to share their names and addresses.) We will send suggested messages from which you can choose.
  • Make yourself a similar texting list.
  • Help find or develop messages for people to send to friends via email or texting.
  • Bird dog Molinaro (search out or pursue with dogged determination) on social media platforms.
  • Apply to join the SDC.
  • Good computer skills? Commit to maintaining our email list of Dems.
  • Even if not a committee member, come to SDC meetings.
  • Bring a friend to an SDC meeting
  • Become an election inspector (https://elections.ulstercountyny.gov/be-an-election-inspector/)
  • Donate
Saugerties Democratic Committee