Safeguard Your Vote!!

Safeguard Your Vote with Ashley Dittus

In this most important election, we need to make sure our vote gets counted. Safeguard Your Vote with Ashley Dittus (Ulster County Democratic Elections Commissioner) will cover everything you need to know to ensure your vote gets counted.

View the above video!

If you want to vote early (mask up, glove up, shield up), watch this video and decide what’s best for you.

If you decide to vote by absentee ballot, be certain to view that section carefully so your ballot doesn’t get tossed for some crazy reason.

In case you do not need to listen to everything, you can fast-forward or replay any section. Here is the breakdown of times for each section:

0.44 Card You’ll Be Receiving Soon
2.18 Absentee vs In-person
9:48 Absentee voting Info
17.22 Dos and Don’ts on absentee ballot
19:27 Dos and Don’ts on the absentee ballot envelope
23:00 Delivery of absentee ballot/tracking
26:11 In-person (Early Voting, Dates, Times Places)
27:14 Election Day
28:35 Safety Protocols at Polling Sites
31:00 Election Day Night (what to expect)
33:50 Ulster County Board of Elections website voter info
37:37 Q&A