Dear Friends,

On August 26th the Alliance of Families for Justice will begin an historic walk from NYC to Albany. On Sept 6th the march will stop in Saugerties. They are generously being housed at the Trinity Episcopal Church at 32 Church Street, Saugerties. There will be a program open to the public that evening, starting at 6 o’clock with a screening of the documentary film Profiled– “a powerful indictment of racial profiling and police brutality ” and followed by a discussion and Freedom songs by Rabbi Jonathan Kleiger of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation, and renowned activist and singer Reggie Harris.

The Alliance of Families for Justice is a NYC based organization working with families of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. The group includes long time activists (including the well known actor and activist Danny Glover), lawyers, scholars as well as community members impacted by the unfair criminal justice system. They work for re-entry services, legal referrals and advocacy training. They also are fighting to eliminate human rights abuses in all state prisons and jails, for comprehensive reforms of the criminal and youth justice systems, the closing of Attica and other abusive prisons.

Please join us, meet the marchers, and learn more about the issues. You are welcome to join the march on Sept 7 as they continue their walk toward Catskill to reach their destination in Albany on the 46th anniversary of the Attica rebellion, September 13th.

This is a critical issue of our time, when we continue to see higher rates of incarceration in our country than in any other industrial society, and when black and brown men and women are disproportionally stopped, incarcerated, and where conditions in our jails and prisons are inhumane. It is vitally important to stand up when white supremacists, the Klan and Neo- Nazi’s take to the streets. We ought to show our support for people struggling for a more just World when it comes to our town.

In Solidarity,

Sue Rosenberg
Please contact me for further information 246-3449