Turn Over The Ballot!!!

Not only is it vitally important to vote for our Democratic candidates on November 2nd (See the SDC homepage), there are important propositions we need to vote on!


Turn Over the Ballot!!

On the flip side of the ballot, there are six Propositions—five on the NY State Constitution and one an Ulster County Charter referendum (see full text of Saugerties ballot props here).

Proposition 1: Amending the Apportionment and Redistricting Process—a yes vote will amend the NYS Constitution to remove the partisan bias in redistricting previously set up by the Republican-controlled State Senate and instead will create an independent commission. It also creates a fairer and less onerous census process.

Proposition 2: Right to Clean Air, Clean Water and a Healthful Environment—a yes vote will have environmental impacts considered earlier in government decision-making and will make it easier for New Yorkers to take legal action if the government fails to uphold this right. This is considered a major environmental advocacy and protection amendment.

Proposition 3: Eliminating 10 Day Voter Registration Requirement—a yes vote will allow state legislators to pass same-day voter registration, making it easier for citizens to register on Election Day and vote.

Proposition 4: Authorizing No-Excuse Absentee Voting—a yes vote would allow all voters to request an absentee ballot.

Proposition 5: Increasing the Jurisdiction of the NY City Civil Court—a yes vote will amend the NY State Constitution to raise the jurisdictional limitation from $25K to $50K, freeing up cases in the NYS Supreme Court.

Proposition 6: Utilization of Funds Designated for Payroll Expenses within the County Budget—a yes vote amends the County Charter to prohibit reallocating payroll funds to other program expenses.

Whether you are voting early, in person on Election Day or by Absenttee, Turn Over The Ballot!!!